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Restaurant: Le Petit Flore

We recently discovered a new very nice small restaurant in the heart of Nantes, near the Place Royale. It is located next to an Indian restaurant that is also very good.

The  food was exquisite, made with fresh earthy ingredients. It felt like eating a meal in grandma’s kitchen.

We strongly recommend it!

They don’t have a website but here is the phone number: 02 40 48 24 88

It’s open on Sundays!

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Near Nantes: La Rochelle

La Rochelle is a city near Nantes, about 2.5 hours by train. it is on the water. Very touristy with lots of restaurants to choose from cheap to fancy. We treated ourselves to a very good dinner at a restaurant called Les Flots

The service was excellent and so was the food. We certainly got what we paid for.

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There is a lot to see, including the three towers that will give you a great view of the city.

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Crêperie St Leonard

We have discovered a little crêperie near Bouffay, in the Decré neighborhood of Nantes. It’s actually cheaper than all the other restaurants that are in Bouffay, the official tourist district.

We had a snack there on a nice sunny afternoon. The service was good, the waitress even tried to speak English to us. The food was very good and super affordable. They use local products as much as possible.

They offer a “tapas style” snack with a hot drink, two mini crêpes , an ice cream and another delicious treat.

Here is the link to their site.


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Reims and its champagne

Reims is a city, full of history, located about 3.5 hours away from Nantes. it is 45 min away from Paris, in the Champagne region. Perfect place to spend a weekend.

Reims is known for its cathedral where many kings were sacred, and of course for being champagne city. We visited a cave, the cave Pommery. They offer tours in different languages and with a tasting at the end, of course.

The caves are 18 kms long, with lots of art along the way. It’s really a must see in Reims.

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Couscous Restaurant: La Koutoubia

We love couscous. In the US, it was hard to find a good couscous restaurant. In Nantes, there are quite a few. this one is in the St Felix area.

This one we particularly loved. The service is friendly, the prices are reasonable and the room is nicely decorated, full of vibrant colors.


We tried a bit of everything. It was all good, meat was tender, vegetables full of flavors. The desserts were good too.

You may want to reserve first as it is not super big.

Here is their website:

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Restaurant la cantine de l’ivresse

Not far from the cathedral and the Hotel de Ville there is a little restaurant, organic and vegetarian, that offers only one menu each day. It’s very affordable, the food is tasty and full of flavors. It’s as eating your grand mother’s delicious meal.

Here is a picture from my main course the day I went: A carrot pie with a salad. I had a lentils soup for appetizer and a chocolate mousse for dessert.

You can borrow a book while you eat as well.

It is closed on the weekend and only open for lunch during the week.

Highly recommended.

Here is the link to their Facebook page.


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Pornic – 60 Min from Nantes

We finally made it to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny weekend. It was still low season and so not everything was open and running.

Pornic is not your typical touristy destination with a huge sandy beach that goes for miles and miles. Pornic has an uptown and a downtown with a church, a castle, a few restaurants and shops and of course ice cream parlors!

We ate lunch at the harbor, right near the water. The restaurant was called “Le Chateau“. The food was good but the service was extremely slow (the poor waitress was working alone). We tried the mussle-fries dish, the salmon with “gratin de courgettes” and potato and the entrecote steak. For dessert, we had ice cream and the “Ile Flottante.”

We walked along the water. There is a path and you can go down to sandy areas and rocky areas. You can climb on rocks and look for shells. Mussels and old oysters. The view is beautiful.

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Pornic is easily accessible from Nantes. It’s about an hour away by train.

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Angers and its Castle

Angers is a middle size city located about 45 minutes from Nantes. it is easily accessible by train. We went there in February, the sky was a bit gray and the flowers weren’t blooming but the view from the castle was still amazing. We walked around a bit, saw the cathedral, the oldest house in Angers, a few statues and the castle. A lot of restaurants were closed for lunch, which was strange.

We had lunch in a restaurant near the castle called “Chez toi” The service was not so friendly and the food was okay, but not great. Not recommended!

On the other hand, the food we had as a snack at the cafe inside the castle, was outstanding. Lots of organic choices and delicious desserts at very affordable prices. in the summer, you can eat outside in the castle’s gardens. We suggest making a reservation.

Here are some pictures from the cafe:

We also walked around the castle. You can see the city from above. You can also visit the famous tapestry of the Apocalypse. They have a nice gift shop with a lot of culinary books and travel books.

The castle is easily accessible. We walked directly from the train station to the castle in about 15 minutes. There is a lot more to do in Angers but winter is not the best season for many of the activities the city has to offer.

Here are some pictures :

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Restaurant: A la belle cocotte

A la belle cocotte is a very nice small restaurant in the center of Nantes. I would call it rustic. Most of their dishes are served in a cocotte (iron pot).

The soup was out of this world. Our picks were a mushroom soup, then we tried a slow cooked beef stew with prunes & gnocchi, and a veal stew with mushrooms, orange zest, cheese and polenta. For dessert, we had the chocolate cream with pralines and other yummy stuff, the mango cheesecake with passion seeds and the lemon cake with berries. it was all super tasty.

The service was a bit slow, we had to keep asking for more water but only one person was serving that night, so it could be why. She was however very nice.