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Is your realtor doing enough?

Not sure if youroutaide realtor is doing enough? This is what, in our experience, should be happening right from the start. We have found that pushing and demanding was necessary at times. Don’r feel guilty. Your realtor is working for you (in theory). You may hear “lower the price” a lot. be careful. yes you want your house to be at the right price, but sometimes realtors will keep encouraging you to lower the price as it is the easiest way to sell and dropping a few thousand dollars really won’t affect their commission that much.

So make sure the following is happening as well:

  • Open houses
  • Box with flyers in addition to the sign in your front lawn
  • Staging (your realtor should help you set the house, give you suggestion to make it appealing and neutral, get ride of all personal items)
  • Good pictures should be published on the website (if that means having to come back another day for a picture of your house under a blue sky, then be it!)
  • Events posted for open houses on social media and realtors’ sites
  • Paid ads and sponsored posts

Make sure to compare your house with others in the neighborhood. Accept the fact that Zillow is not your friend and there is nothing you can do about it.

We have learned that small details matter. Clean and put your personal items away. People want to see the potential, they want to picture their furniture and themselves in your house. This house is no longer yours. make it appealing, cut the grass, move the trash to the back, make sure the house smells good etc…

Good luck! Take a deep breathe and remember, if you’re a couple, it will get stressful but you’re in this together! Since we changed realtor, we are getting support, we have great pictures, great brochures and we’ve had a bunch of showings! Take a look, our agent was Lisa (and Stephanie) with the Dailey Group (Featured Image by The Dailey Group)



From Paris, FR

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