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FAQ about our move

Most of you are asking the same questions. Here are the answers!

Why Nantes?

n1 Collage

We wanted a big city, near the ocean, with an active lifestyle, not too expensive to live in. After visiting a few cities, Nantes was our pick. Nantes is a green city with lots of public transportation options, a city that is easy to walk. The startup scene there is big. It’s a city on the move and we liked that, reminds us of Baltimore.


Why move?

For me, it’s been 23 years. It’s time to move home. I want to be closer to my family. I want my kids to see their cousins more often (well, my cousins’ kids). I want my oldest kid to have a way to go around without depending on someone with a car as she doesn’t drive.

We no longer want to work over 40 hours a week and have little vacation time. We are tired of wasting half our salary into health insurance premium that don’t even cover 100% of our expenses. That’s a big one to me. The cost of healthcare is outrageous.

And truly, the landscape is changing and I am not liking it one bit. Crime, race war, police violence, poverty, gun violence… I am done. I don’t want to fear sending my kids to school anymore. Yes, guns are in France but they are not at every corner of every street.

We are ready for  quieter lifestyle, without needing a car to pick up a loaf of disgusting processed package bread! We want fresh food from the market and fresh bread right out of the oven. I want crepe stands everywhere. I want walking to be part of my daily life.

So much is cheaper in France: healthcare, college but also groceries and activities for the kids: karate in the USA: $150/month. Karate in France on average $200 max a year.

Is France perfect? No by all means, it is not. But is’s beautiful and you can hear the buildings breathe. The US is beautiful too, but not the cities. Not old enough for my taste.


The most recent question: Aren’t you scared of moving after the attacks?

Easy answer: Did you move after 9/11? No. Okay then… Do we (in France) have mass massacres every other day in schools, campuses, movie theater, malls etc? No. I no longer want to be in a country that couldn’t pass a single gun law after Newton. I don’t want to feel like I am living in the 60’s with all this racial tension of lack of trust.

I am done! I want to raise my kids in a better place. May as well be home.



From Paris, FR

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