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The move!

This is it! We made it to the other side of the pond.

The trip was long but everything went well. Cats threw up but a nice TSA lady helped us clean it up. They were pretty good in the plane. Delphina arrived safely at my mom’s. Our rental is smaIMG_8249ll but has the essential. Churro is adapting nicely and seems happy. He slet with us.

Amandine has her ups and down. Last night was difficult and she cried a lot. “I like it here but I miss eve
ryone” she said. Eventually she fell asleep in my arms and this morning she is okay. Winova seems to be doing great, she even went to the local bakery by herself.

We are opening bank accounts and IMG_8246getting phone hooked up today but it is quite complicated. Mostly since we don’t have wifi at the appartment. Next we can call our realtor to start looking at apartments.




From Paris, FR

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