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2eme Semaine a Nantes

Aug 10th

We have been very lucky with the weather. It’s been got but far from the 115 degrees experienced in Baltimore.

We have discovered some of the farmer’s markets. We finally know how to go a few different places without getting lost but we still don’t remember the names of the streets! We have found a bookstore with a few English books for kids.

We have also met a few people and made a few friends. Everyone has been so very nice and welcoming, starting with the staff at the Standby Coffee on the center of Nantes.

My mom visited and then Daniel, the husband, joined us a few days ago, bringing with him a few clouds and a bit of rain! We went to the movies once.

We went to the Saturday organic market by boat in a very cute old fisherman village.

Here are some pictures of our adventures.



From Paris, FR

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