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First month!

We made it a month and we couldn’t be happier!

We’ve had good food, nice walks around town and an unusual beautiful dry weather.

Right now, it still feels like vacation but tomorrow we finally get the keys of our apartment. We had to leave the previous one yesterday and carry all our stuff to our friend’s house for 2 days and now we get to move the same crap again! It’s quite fun in the tram and bus but with our friend’s Kevin’s extra pair of arms, we did it in four rounds! (Sorry for the bruises, Kevin!)

The cats adjusted very well and are both in love with a very nice Ikea sofa that we may have to discreetly get out of Kevin’s apartment and into ours.

Amandine started school and loved it. Daddy had some tears in his eyes as we walked our baby to her classroom. She made five friends in two days and already got invited to a “club” and was given a friendship bracelet. In addition her teacher is extremely nice and is excited to have a helper for English lessons. She had homework over the weekend and is learning a list of vocabulary words as well as memorizing a poem. We kept her for lunch the first day (remember we enjoy a two hour lunch here) and she was just dying to go back to school for the afternoon!

Winova is doing well too. She had three “interviews” meeting with two families for babysitting cute little kids who know English and need to practice it. One didn’t go as well (we think) but we are okay with it. She will also volunteer at the Maison Franco Americaine where the president, our new friend Mariette, wants to start a little library or the kids and has taken Winova under her wings. It will be good for Winova to be around kids and also with other adults from the “outside world”.

Daniel has time to write everyday and he is happy with that and I am happy to wait in line to make appointments to meetings where I get to make other appointments hoping to get some financial help until I work again… It’s all good!

That’s it for now… On to month two!








From Paris, FR

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