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The family is getting bigger

No, we are not pregnant!

We adopted two new kittens from Les Griffes de L’Espoir, a non profit association in Nantes that rescues cats. They were wonderful and the cats are adorable. The idea was for the girls to each have a furry friend should they feel lonely and homesick. Turns out that Amandine has a bunch of friends already and Winova is well adjusted here as well, but the promise was made and so they picked their new babies.

It’s funny how each picked a cat with a very similar personality to their own. As Amandine likes to say, “The cat chooses you and not the other way around.” (yes, she is a Harry potter fan).

img_9579Winova named her cat Luna. She is super skinny (she was sick when she was first born) but super fast and super cute. She is very lovable and likes to cuddle. Amandine named her cat Moustache. He is black and white. He is a little terror! Just like Amandine, he is full of energy and has a hard time sleeping at night! He loves good food (chicken, ham etc) and likes to try new food like OJ and veggies (which he is not a big fan of, we we told him it would be the case). He is very soft, loves to play and loves to take a nap on you.

We have not had kittens in many years and we forgot how fun and crazy they can be! The other two, Delphina and Churro are adjusting! Delphina has learned to stay away as she doesn’t like them at all! She is our old (20) grumpy cat. Churro is delighted to have new siblings. He enjoys wrestling with Moustache (in the middle of the night) and cuddling with little Luna. We are taking millions of pictures every day because they are just too entertaining! Here are  few.



From Paris, FR

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