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Word of the month: Happiness… and Ikea!

Here we are in our second month in France and it’s even better than last month!

Last week was fairly crazy with all the furniture being delivered and had to be put together.

My brother came for the weekend to help along with our friend Kevin. We could not have made it without them! Now, we have tons of empty boxes that can’be trashed or recycled because if they doesn’t fit in the trash cans they won’t be collected. And, we must leave room for other people’s trash! That’s what we were politely told!

The rest of the month has been spent filling out paperwork that no one will ever read, hoping to get some financial help while we settle in. Daniel and Winova have signed up for French classes and Amandine is speaking better each day, thanks to her new friends and school.

Winova also started volunteering at the Maison Franco Americaine. She was taken under the wings of a super nice lady, the president of the association, Mariette. She also goes to a French family once a week to speak/read/play in English with an elementary school girl. I started glancing at job offers, but I really kind of like not working! Maybe I’ll apply for unemployment! 😉 I did go to an interview with a recruiting agency and it went very well. I might be a good match for a job, I’ll know more about it next week.

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From Paris, FR

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