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Les griffes de l’espoir

If you’re looking to adopt a cat in Nantes, then we totally recommend that you check the non-profit “Les Griffes de L’espoir“.

We reached out to them when we were still in the USA, and we went to their adoption event in September. We got to meet a lot of cute kittens and each girl picked one. Or they picked the girls, I don’t know because they sure ended up with a cat matching their own personality!

You can check out the website and see what cats are available and then you can meet them in person and pet them.

They will cover the fee for the sterilization, first vaccines, and if your new cat gets sick within 10 days of the adoption, they will cover that as well, as long as you go to one of their vets. At least it was for us.

They are all very nice and they do care about the cats they foster until they find a home.

Feel free to make a donation if you’re not ready to get your own cat!



From Paris, FR

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