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October… Our adventure continues

Just a quick update.

Everything is working as planned. We finally received our 166 boxes with all our stuff. It took a week to go through everything and we ended up donating quite a bit!

Amandine is getting good grades at school, even though all her tests are in French. She has a lot of fun listening to her classmates speak English during English class. She is learning little French songs that kids sing at recess (actually some songs are the same songs I sang growing up!) “Un éléphant qui se balançait, sur une toile, toile toile, toile d’araignée…”!

Winova is doing wonderfully! She takes the tram and buses all by herself,

and can pretty much go anywhere she wants. She goes to karate twice a week, she has joined an association to socialize with young adults who have a small disability like her and she volunteers at the Maison Franco Americaine. She is also still teaching mini-English lessons once a week. She seems happy by her newfound independence.

Daniel is still enjoying new cheeses every week (I think that’s where all the grocery budget goes!) He is working on a novel and taking a French class as well (which is probably a safe move as I am forgetting my English!)

As of for me, I’ve been responding to jobs applications and getting a few interviews. My next one is tomorrow to be a supervisor in a new small call center. Crossing my fingers, I can totally do that!

We have time to spend time with friends, which is nice. We went to a gorgeous park with our British friend Kevin and his kids. This weekend, we will be discovering a trail near the Loire river with a friend of a friend. We stop by our second home a few times a week to say hi to Faycal and our friends at Stand By Coffee (highly recommend the pear chocolate muffin).

The cats… Well we lost Delphina, my good old cat was 19 and she did end by ruining my new comforter (by peeing on it) but I can’t be mad at her as she was in pain and had lost control of her body. I kept her next to me in bed for her last 2 days and we put her to rest. The kittens are now toddlers and as good toddlers they are climbing the trash can like it’s Mt Everest and getting stuck inside boxes and drawers. The love shoe laces and anything that hangs. They follow me everywhere thinking I’ll give them food. Moustache loves milk. Churro is his good old self just happy to be loved and be a big brother. he is acting much more mature now!

That’s it for now!







From Paris, FR

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