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What’s New?

It’s been a while since my last update.

We have been here over three months. Life is good. We have lost our old cat Delphina, but we still have the crazy young cats Moustache and Luna and their big brother Churro. It’s like having human toddlers all over again!

I found a job. I will be there because I don’t know too much about the company, but for now it’s okay. I have a team of phone reps under me and we make calls for a company that does home improvement. The place is friendly, and it’s near a boulangerie so no complaints here!

The girls are doing well too. Winova is busy with French lessons, teaching English, volunteering and babysitting. She also goes to the association for young people like her with a disability. Amandine has a best friend and we love her parents, so that’s a nice plus. She is doing great in school and she is continuing karate with our good friend Tsuki (if anyone in Nantes is looking for karate classes, this is the place to be). And Daniel is still on a quest to try all French cheeses he can find.

Last week was a bit tough with the results of the US election; that took us by surprise. I won’t go there in this blog but let’s just say that we are happy to be in France.

it’s nice to be closer to family and friends. it’s nice to have made new friends. It’s nice to have public transportation. The weather is crazy but that’s Nantes so we just roll with it!



From Paris, FR

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