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La Gallerie des Machines

We’ve been on the elephant and we’ve been on the carousel before, but we had not done the gallery yet. it’s an amazing place. It’s a museum, but they like to call it a laboratory. It’s more a demonstration than just a visit. You discover a few great pieces of art: the machines. The latest one is the spider and they are working on a huge tree that will be 35 meter tall with animal-machines on it.

It is located on the Ile de Nantes. There are also playgrounds (including a mini zip line), basketball courts, an area to do you own grilling in the summer (just bring your meat), Restaurants, concert halls, night clubs and much more. You can also bring a book and relax on a long chair. Plenty of room to do roller skating as well.

You can’t visit Nantes without stopping there.The carousel is a piece of art and engineering like no others. it was named the most original attractions in the world in 2014.

Here are some pictures from our visit to the gallery:

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And from the carousel:

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From Paris, FR

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