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What have we been up to? December 2016

We are doing well! I quit my job, it was really not what it should have been. I am enjoying my temporary unemployment (even though it’s not paid!)

Daniel has adjusted quite well to the French life and likes going to the market every week. He will be teaching English in January, just a few hours a week. Amandine is doing wonderful at school and brought us back an awesome report card. Winova is busy and soon will be looking for a part time job. She has been exploring the city a bit and reporting back to us what is worth discovering together.

We have had many lunches, dinners, “tea times” and other gathering with our new friends. It seems to be much easier to actually get together here than it was in the USA. Somehow, we all find the time and it’s nice.

The cats are great little monsters and Churro has become a responsible big brother.

I’ve have not been so happy in my life in many many years đŸ™‚

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From Paris, FR

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