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Clisson – 30 min from Nantes

Clisson is a beautiful small medieval town, 40 min from Nantes.

It is known for its old castle (in fairly good shape) and its vineyards (Muscadet). It also has a farmers market on Fridays and a few restaurants and shops.

Our good friend Mariette, offered to take us and play tour guide. We checked the weather and picked a sunny and clear day, at least according to the weather app… It ended up being cold (40 degrees F –  1 C), gray, foggy, and without any sun!

It was still beautiful and the fog kind of gave the entire visit a unique feel to it. We were on the look out for a ghost or spirit to come out from the fog, or up a staircase in the castle but they must have been too cold to come out and greet us.

We also stopped by a memorial on the way to Clisson (Le Pallet) for two famous historic people: Abelar and Heloise. You can read more about them on the blog Guardien du Passé, and in English here.

Here are some pictures:

We had a nice lunch in a restaurant in Clisson called Le Croque Mitaine

Food was decent and prices affordable. Ate my first Ile Flottante in years!

And finally some pictures from the castle. We will go back on a true sunny day with perfect blue sky but for now, here it is!

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