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Musée de l’Union Compagnonnique

Today, we visited a cute little museum, located in the Hautière Manor. It is owned by the city of Nantes but used by the “Compagnons du tour de France des devoirs unis” to display some of their masterpieces.

This museum is a craft guild museum. For more info in English, you can read about its sister museum in another city: here. If you more information in French, click here.

The purpose of this group is to help young people go into certain trades and become masters in their field. The goal is to learn a job they will love and cherish and pass on their knowledge to others.

You can see nice pieces of work made out of all kind of metals, wood, stone, glass and even sugar. We were the only ones and got our own guided tour. Our guide was very kind and took the time to show us and explain everything we were looking at.

The museum is only open on Saturdays. It is free. it is located on the C1 bus line and also not far from the Du Chauffaud tram stop (line 1).




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