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Pornic – 60 Min from Nantes

We finally made it to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny weekend. It was still low season and so not everything was open and running.

Pornic is not your typical touristy destination with a huge sandy beach that goes for miles and miles. Pornic has an uptown and a downtown with a church, a castle, a few restaurants and shops and of course ice cream parlors!

We ate lunch at the harbor, right near the water. The restaurant was called “Le Chateau“. The food was good but the service was extremely slow (the poor waitress was working alone). We tried the mussle-fries dish, the salmon with “gratin de courgettes” and potato and the entrecote steak. For dessert, we had ice cream and the “Ile Flottante.”

We walked along the water. There is a path and you can go down to sandy areas and rocky areas. You can climb on rocks and look for shells. Mussels and old oysters. The view is beautiful.

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Pornic is easily accessible from Nantes. It’s about an hour away by train.



From Paris, FR

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